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Moleskine Quick Sale 2011

Moleskine Assorted

First-come, First-served. EMAIL is the only way to order. No text messaging and please do not leave order-related comments, they won’t count. Please send all order-related emails to: support(at)avalon.ph. You can also send a direct email here. Thank you.

Some items here are UNWRAPPED, some have been in storage for a while for personal use. Being unwrapped, some might have minor to noticeable bumps or dust spotting that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Please take this into consideration before you buy. We DO NOT sell junk. If there are flaws it will be mentioned. Most of the visible flaws are those that will eventually show up after using your Moleskine for 2-4 weeks.

We cannot allow returns/exchange or refunds except of course in exceptional cases. You have to agree to this before purchasing. Those who are new or never bought from Avalon.ph before, you have to accept that as one of the terms for this sale. For those who bought from us before, you know how we work in making sure every customer is satisfied.

We will be redundant in describing the stocks to avoid mistakes when you read it. Still, read it carefully. The list isn’t organized in the most easy-to-read manner so please pay attention.

Items are complete or missing non-essential inserts (the Moleskine history sheet). It will be mentioned if missing items are essential (like in the case of Moleskine City, the stickers). Most unwrapped items missing the wrap-around band. As far as I know except for 2 (which I described below), all of the pages clean and no ink marks. Remember, these are journals that will probably be in the same condition as described if you use them for 1-4 weeks. In essence, the more abused a Moleskine look, the more enamoring it gets (at least for some Moleskine lovers that I know).

PAYMENT: Shipping only. As fast as possible. Please do not order if you are planning to pay after 5 days. Be fair to other buyers when you email me. Play nice.

ORDERING: Since some items are similar, include the CODE indicated after each title in your order email. Ordering tips: Don’t hesitate to email me just the CODE to earn the right to buy it as soon as you read it. Just make sure that you will not change your mind.

Images: They are for reference only. May or may not be actual item.

I may miss something but everything is in the spirit of good faith and best practice. Happy browsing!


Moleskine CLASSIC SQUARED Notebook. Everything listed in this part are Moleskine Squared Notebook. Pocket or Large is indicated.

Moleskine Pocket Squared (Code: SQP010). Price: PhP330.00 – unwrapped, some very minor bumps/dust spots. Pages looks clean and everything else tight.

Moleskine Pocket Squared (Code: SQP011). Price: PhP330.00 – unwrapped but repacked, some very minor bumps/dust spots. Pages looks clean and everything else tight. Wrap around band included.

Moleskine Pocket Squared (Code: SQP012). Price: PhP330.00 – unwrapped but repacked, some very minor bumps/dust spots. Pages looks clean and everything else tight. Wrap around band included.

Moleskine Pocket Squared (Code: SQP017). Price: PhP300.00 – unwrapped, ONE PAGE has been written “Mole Mole” in black ink, taking up a 5×8 square space on that page. Probably on the 16th page. Everything else looks clean and tight.

Moleskine Pocket Squared (Code: SQP077). Price: P250.00 – unwrapped, clean HOWEVER strap is loose, not broken but just loose. You probably have to knot it to tighten it up again. Not recommend for those who are OC about the Moleskine strap. Very cheap.

Moleskine LARGE Classic Squared (Code: SQL050). Price: PhP400.00 – unwrapped, some minor dust spots, some bumps and scratches more than your average ‘unwrapped’ new Moleskine, 1 noticeable scratch on cover, and around 3 minor ones. Great copy if you’ll use it immediately. My only concern is that the ‘feel’ of the strap isn’t as tight as your usual unused Moleskine. Shouldn’t be serious.

Moleskine LARGE Classic Squared (Code: SQL051). Price: PhP460.00 – wrapped, however some blade cut on back cover, around 3 short ones, depthness of cut is ok, not exposing inner oilcloth. Excellent bargain.

Moleskine LARGE Classic Squared (Code: SQL059). Price: PhP490.00 – unwrapped, same as 051 except this have the absence of scratches and strap tight. Only issue are minor dust spots that can be cleaned if you want to. Wrap around band included.


Moleskine Storyboard

Other Pocket Moleskines:

Moleskine Pocket Storyboard Notebook (Code: STORY). One copy only. Price: P450.00. Unwrapped but clean. Only flaw is this very tiny 3 dot bump mark on the cover. Nothing that won’t happen after using it for 1-2 weeks. Wrap around band included.

Moleskine Memo Pockets (Code: MP010). Price: PhP300.00- unwrapped, minor dust spots, appears lightly pressed nothing serious if you are going to use this anyway. No wrap around band.

Memo Pockets


Moleskine Memo Pockets (Code: MP011). Price: PhP300.00- unwrapped, minor dust spots, appears lightly pressed nothing serious if you are going to use this anyway. No wrap around band.

Moleskine Memo Pockets (Code: MP012). Price: PhP250.00 – unwrapped, minot dust spots. No wrap around band. There is a pen mark inside on first slot. Just one small line, nothing serious.

Moleskine Classic POCKET Sketchbook (Code: SK010). Price: PhP350.00 – unwrapped, minor dust spots, everything else looks clean and tight. No wrap around band.

Moleskine Classic POCKET Sketchbook, repacked (Code: SK011). Price: PhP350.00, unwrapped but repacked, might have minor dust/spots. Everything else looks clean and tight. No wrap around band.


Other Large Moleskines:

Moleskine Classic LARGE Sketchbook (Code: SKL030). Price: P500.00 – wrapped, major flaw is an obvious BLADE CUT across diagonally the back cover that penetrated through the outer skin of the oilcloth only. Cut is light, very clean and straight. Again, the depth of the cut isn’t too deep as exposing the inner skin of the oilcloth. Book still wrapped and this is the only flaw. For PhP500.00 this is definitely a good buy. (Note: just recently run out of Large Sketchbook again).

Moleskine Classic LARGE Sketchbook (Code: SKL099). Price: P500.00 – unwrapped, no wrap-around band. Very light bump on back cover, looks good. No blade cuts.


CAHIER Moleskines:


Moleskine Cahier Squared Journal, unwrapped sold by PIECE NOT AS SET, black. (Code: CAHSQ501). Price: PhP90.00 EACH. Five pieces available. Unwrapped. Clean. No wrap around band. Indicate in your order how many you want. SPECIAL CONDITION: priority given to person who’ll order everything by 6pm 8/9.

Moleskine Cahier Plain Journal, unwrapped sold by PIECE NOT AS SET, black. (Code: CAHPL502). Price: PhP100.00 EACH, 3 pieces available. Indicate in your order how many you want.

Moleskine Cahier Plain Journal, unwrapped sold by PIECE NOT AS SET, black. (Code: CAHPL555). Price: PhP80.00 EACH, 2 pieces available. Some obvious scratches on back cover, nothing serious but not for the OC people.  SPECIAL CONDITION: priority given to person who’ll order everything by 6pm 8/9.


Moleskine Large Cahier Ruled Black Set of 3 (Code: CAHRUL010). Price: P450.00. wrapped but there is this one tiny soft blade cut (not deep) visible on the cover, everything else very okay.

Moleskine Pages


Moleskine Reporters:

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Reporter (lined) (Code: RRP010). Price: PhP330.00 – unwrapped, some bumps, light scratches. No wrap around band.

Moleskine Pocket Plain Reporter (Code: PRP010). Price: PhP330.00 – unwrapped, cleaner than the posted unwrapped notebooks, very very light dust posts if any. No wrap around band.

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook (Classic) (Code: PRN010). Price: P350.00 – unwrapped, clean, very light scratch on top portion. Strap doesn’t feel as tight as they should be, but not in any way considered loose. No wrap around band.

Moleskine LARGE Plain Reporter (Code: PRL010). Price: P450.00. Unwrapped, there is this light but visible bump on the top portion of the spine, nothing serious. Checked the notebook and binding is still solid. Some light, few scratches on back cover.

Moleskine LARGE Plain Reporter (Code: PRL015). Price: P400.00.
Unwrapped, there is this light but visible bump on the top portion of
the spine, nothing serious, however if you inspect it carefully the
spine is slightly leaning on an angle. Nothing serious as binding is
inspected and still tight. Some light, few scratches on back cover and
a few more on the front cover. Again, nothing serious as it will look
this way after using it a few times.


Moleskine City

Moleskine CITY. Everything pocket-sized. Priced in major stores PhP1,199.00. Get up to 70% off!

Moleskine City San Francisco. (Code: SF002). Price: Php300.00  unwrapped. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside). The wrap around band (non-essential) have some pen markings.

Moleskine City San Francisco. (Code: SF004). Price: PhP330.00 unwrapped. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside).

Moleskine City Washington, D.C. (Code: WDC001). Price: PhP300.00 unwrapped. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside).

Moleskine City London (Code: LOND001). Price: PhP600.00.Wrapped. Basically good as new.

Moleskine City Berlin (Code: BERN001). Price: PhP600.00 Wrapped. Basically good as new.

Moleskine City Boston (Code: BOS001). Price: PhP600.00 Wrapped. Basically good as new.

That’s it! Thank you very much!


More Moleskines


Sorting them out. Expect a follow-up soon.


Quiet Girl | Valerie Chua Art & Moleskine Giveaway

quietgirl Giveaway


Avalon.ph is collaborating with a very talented lady, illustrator Valerie Chua for a very special art + Moleskine Large Sketchbook giveaway!

From her post:

Quiet Girl and my tumblr have been around for over a year and for that, I’d like to thank all those who have been following my work and my online pages. In gratitude, I present to you this giveaway.”

Valerie Chua is a self-taught illustrator from Manila. Quiet Girl is her illustration and personal blog. It mainly contains photo processes of her paintings. Entries are mixed with travel photos, fashion and beauty-related posts, discussions on art, stationery, materials and paper.


Check out her blog and admire her passion for the visual arts. She is also giving away special prints, signed. Details of the giveaway is on her Quiet Girl post.

Good luck everyone!

#MoleskineLove2011 week three winner & this week’s giveaway!

Before we proceed with our Week 3 winner we would like to promote a local Twitter hashtag: #RP612fic.

What is #RP612fic?

From @anitero: “#RP612fic is simply a way for Philippine writers to celebrate Independence Day through micro-stories sent out over Twitter all throughout June 12. Once the 12th has come and gone, I collate the stories in a post on Rocket Kapre. We do it to remind people it’s Independence Day, because we love any excuse to write, and because it’s fun!”

Some micro-stories are being posted already, you can view them here.

More explanation of this movement is linked here (via www.rocketkapre.com).

Check it out! Enjoy the micro-stories or better yet, participate! – #RP612fic via Twitter


Now, our Week 3 winner is @phoebecasin! She won a Moleskine Large Ruled Reporter Notebook!

For Week 4 it’s back-to-school month and this week’s giveaway we will talk about the teachers who inspired you the most!

We are giving away one (1) Moleskine Large Cahier Ruled Kraft Set of 3.

All you have to do is tweet an answer to this question:

Who was the teacher who inspired you the most?

Tweet format is:


#MoleskineLove2011 -your answer- @avalonph http://bit.ly/jP4q3q


Feel free to share some details with your tweet but the first tweet must include #MoleskineLove2011, @avalonph and the bit.ly link. We expect some tweet variations but they will count as long as they comply with our ‘common sense’ rule.

– Contest starts June 8 and ends June 15 (Wednesday), 9:00pm 2011. Philippine residents only.

– One entry per validated tweet. Winner through a List Randomizer or something similar.

– Some might be inclined to write a blog (or Tumblr, etc) post. You are free to “drop” the bit.ly link in exchange for your link but you must mention this giveaway and use the “giveaway” link back within that post. You must keep the #MoleskineLove2011 hashtag and @avalonph in your tweet though as it is our way of tracking your tweets.

If you are new to this giveaway series we suggest you skim through our previous mechanics. Most of them still applies.

So good luck everyone! We are excited to read your tweets about the educator who inspired you the most!

#MoleskineLove2011 week two winner and this week’s giveaway!

Update (May 31, 5:00pm): Congratulations to @ybiang from Cebu! You won a Moleskine Classic Pocket Ruled Notebook! She declared her co-winner as @firedancer67, also from Cebu City.



For Week 3, everything starts fresh. All entries back to zero. We want to make things very simple so we can get most of our Twitter followers to participate.

This week, the giveaway is one (1) Moleskine Large Ruled Reporter Notebook!

Joining is as simple as one tweet and forget. Just tweet:


#MoleskineLove2011 Moleskine & *somethingelse*. @avalonph http://bit.ly/irekKE


– Obviously, replace *somethingelse* with one or a few words. Keep it clean, somehow relevant and no trolling.

– Contest starts May 31, 4:00pm and ends June 8 (Wednesday), 2:00pm 2011. Philippine residents only.

– One tweet = one entry. Repeating a ‘combination’ will not count. Winner through a List Randomizer or something similar.

– Bonus +four (+4) entries for creative posts. This will be our discretion.

– Negative points for people tweeting “*somethingelse*” as-is.

– No limits* to entries but do not encourage SPAM. Please be aware that SPAMMING your twitter stream might cause some of your followers to unfollow or even BAN you. Please use discretion and respect your follower’s annoyance threshold. *- if it  is obvious you are trolling, we will disqualify your tweets.

– If you are new to Avalon.ph Twitter giveaways 2011, please check our past rules and mechanics here. The specifics still generally apply.

Thank you for reading and complying. Good luck everyone and tweet away!

* Moleskine Large Ruled Reporter image from Sasha Martinez (Jan. 2009)

#MoleskineLove2011 winner and this week’s giveaway!

Congratulations to @joiz! She won a Moleskine Classic Large Ruled Notebook!

This week, we are giving away a pair (2) of Moleskine Classic Pocket Ruled Notebook!

The winner (via List Randomizer) wins one (1) Moleskine Notebook, and he/she can pick anyone in his Twitter friends list as a co-winner!

Good news to those that participated last week, all past entries will count!

What do I tweet this time?


#MoleskineLove2011 @twitterusername let’s win a Moleskine together from @avalonph – http://bit.ly/iLqyCo


– Contest starts May 23, 4:00pm and ends May 31 (Tuesday), 2:00pm 2011.

– You can check our previous giveaway mechanics here. They are generally still applicable for this week’s run.

– You can tweet again Twitter names that you tweeted during the first week’s giveaway. You can still use the @twitterusername1, @twitterusername2 format in your tweets.

– If you are the winner, you can pick anyone from your Twitter friends list. Winners must be willing to be publicly announced as the winner and both should have a Philippine mailing address.

– If you pick someone from your Twitter friends list that won’t respond to us during a reasonable period, it will be forfeited! Pick your co-winners carefully!

One Moleskine for you, one Moleskine for your friend. Share #MoleskineLove2011!

Good luck everyone!

#MoleskineLove2011 Twitter Giveaways!

We’re back to spread Moleskine Love! It’s been almost a year since our last giveaway, and we’re coming back to run a giveaway series to keep everyone excited.

From May 17 up to the end of June 2011 we will stage a series of Twitter Moleskine giveaways to share Moleskine Love!

To those who participated before, try your luck again!

To our visitors who found their way here via the giveaway news/tweets, welcome!

Avalon.ph is one of the oldest online shopping website in the Philippines. We’ve been online since February 1999 specializing on books, Moleskines, signed books/collectibles and other novelties.

We are staging a series of Twitter giveaways and we want you to be part of it. While our giveaways do not require participants to RT/retweet or “follow us” (except private profiles), we politely request that you give us a chance to show up in your Social Media timeline. Follow us, “Like” our Facebook Page or just check our Social Media accounts listed at the end of this post.

#MoleskineLove2011 – May to June 2011.

This is not your usual Twitter giveaway, we introduced a few twists so observe the rules. No worries, nothing is nosebleed material.

Avalon.ph is giving away a Moleskine Classic Large Ruled Notebook!

How to join? You need Twitter to post an entry and we will draw a winner by the end of the giveaway.

Just tweet:


#MoleskineLove2011 Good luck to @twitterusername. I want you to win a Moleskine from @avalonph – http://bit.ly/mR3RrB

Note: This specific tweet giveaway over, please refer to latest entry of the giveaways.


Tweet the line posted replacing @twitterusername to one of your Twitter friends. By doing that you automatically get:

– One (1) entry for every Twitter user posting the official giveaway tweet. You do not get additional entries by posting again even if you post different @twitterusernames.

– One (1) entry + more for every Twitter user @mentioned by their Twitter friends. The more people @mentioning them, the more entries they get. Multiple identical postings from the same Twitter user & username not counted (no repeats).

Remember the TWIST of this giveaway: the only way to increase your entries is to get your username @mentioned by your Twitter friends.

We did a similar Twitter giveaway before, only this time the poster gets a one-time entry.

As long as you enter your tweet in the format provided, Avalon.ph will easily track all your entries and @mentions. Twitter users with Private Profiles, make sure you take the necessary actions for your tweets to be visible to us (follow me & I’ll follow back, accept request even temporarily, or email us to follow you). Our twitter account is: avalonph.

Before you start tweeting @mention to your friends, here are the rest of the ‘formalities’.

– open to Twitter users with a Philippine-based address serviceable by major couriers. If you are out of the country, as long as you (or reliable friends) have a serviceable local address you/they are qualified to join.

– Giveaway duration is from May 17 (Tuesday) up to May 23 (Monday), 2:00pm, 2011. All valid entries will be tallied and a winner will be drawn via a List Randomizer website. We will announce it on Twitter + @mention within 24 hours. Winner must respond within a reasonable period, preferably 2-3 working days.

– the valid tweet must fit 140 characters. No use of link shortening and other related Twitter services. You are allowed to mention more than one username per tweet as long as they fit within 140 characters (… Good luck to @mention1 @mention2 @mention3…).

– We will not answer inquiries about the number of entries you received. We are very efficient in monitoring legitimate Twitter entries so do not worry.

– We will not notify a user if his entry is invalid. Avalon.ph reserves the right to invalidate entries that are considered ‘dubious’, ‘malicious’ or from ‘fake’ accounts.

– We do not encourage SPAM. Please be aware that SPAMMING your twitter stream might cause some of your followers to unfollow or even BAN you. Please use discretion and respect your follower’s annoyance threshold.

– COMMON SENSE apply on all disputes, loopholes and oversights. Avalon.ph is the SOLE arbiter to decide which entry is valid. Avalon.ph reserves the right not to really change, but to fine-tune the mechanics as we see fit during the duration of the giveaway.

That’s it! Thank you for reading and complying. Good luck everyone and tweet away!

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Customer Spotlight, Anina

Ms. Anina Rubio is our Featured Customer for the month of May. She is incidentally the winner of our Share Moleskine Love Moleskine giveaway held last year, June 2010. It is not just books and Moleskines for Ms. Rubio, she’s also into lomography, the Sandman and… just continue reading and enjoy the photos! Our comments section is very much open so feel free to name the books, graphic novels and spot the miscellanies!

– Let’s start with your love for Moleskine. How did it all began? What is your favorite type?

I’ve always had notebooks/journals since I was in high school. It was just 2 years ago when I decided I needed a sleek, elegant, and vintage looking journal which I can bring with me anywhere and everywhere. That’s when I got myself a Moleskine. Luckily I also won in Avalon.ph‘s Moleskine giveaway so I have about 7 Moleskine notebooks now 😀

My favorite would be the Pocket sketchbook! I like posting things from places Ive been to (tickets, mini photos, baggage tags, etc) and I draw most of the time when Im too lazy to write so I need that blank page to cover up an entire day’s worth of thoughts.


– What are the silliest things you write/keep in your Moleskine notebooks?

Im not sure if it counts as silly, but I whenever I leave a notebook, I write something on any form of paper – in most cases Starbucks tissue (of course, clean ones!) does the trick. Then, I stick the tissue with writings on the blank pages of my Moleskine.


– Being both a Moleskine and a book lover, are you worried that eventually you will outgrow them and go solely digital?

Oh no, no, no. I don’t think Ill ever outgrow anything analog (I shoot in film as well)! When it comes to journals, I like writing/drawing a lot so I make sure I bring a pen and a notebook anywhere. When I have time, I use the typewriter (that my bestfriend gave me) to just make a single journal entry! In terms of books, for me, Books are best read when you can feel the pages and turn them one leaf at a time. There’s a sense of fulfillment whenever I see how much I’ve read or how many books I added to my library 🙂



– On books, who do you collect? Give us 3 books that you want other people to read and why?

Palahniuk, Gaiman, Kerouac, Camus, Vonnegut – they are my favorite authors.

These are my top 3 picks, not necessarily from the authors i love:

1. Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk

The book in itself is thought-provoking and brilliant! The author wrote it in an unconventional manner but the story dealt with conventional issues of every person – work issues, mindless consumerism, violence, etc.

2. Griffin and Sabine trilogy – Nick Bantock

The story is not directly transcribed like how normal books are written. The reader is the one who creates the story by reading letters and postcards sent. It gives a sense of feeling that the reader is part of the story. The artworks are also magnificent 🙂

3. Tree of Codes – Jonathan Safran Foer

With it’s cut out pages, it literally looks like a tree of codes! The lines from the book are mostly from Schulz’s Street of Crocodile, but because of the die cut pages, it came out as if the combination of words from different pages made an entirely different story in itself! It’s visually captivating and poetic.


– Blind buys. Sometimes people buy a book from an author they never heard before not having an idea what to expect. What is your best blind buy?

Anne Carson’s Nox.

I stumbled upon this book via google. I was searching for unique books with visuals and I came across Nox. After google-ing it further, I just felt I had to buy it. I had it shipped from UK and when the package finally arrived on my doorstep, I knew that the 1 month I waited was worth it.

The book is more like a box of memories intertwined with its accordion-like pages. It’s deeply moving, yes, in a way that it illuminates absence, loss, and a brother-sister relationship.


– What are the writing and reading tools you can’t live without?

Pencil/Pens, Coffee/Milk tea, GOOD MUSIC!

When Im reading, though, I just keep a pencil with me. I put small check marks on lines that are worth remembering. My attention span is kind of short and Im easily distracted so I dont really listen to music if im reading. :))


– Your taste in music, film, and books. Any connections?


Well I like music which aren’t overplayed on the radio or on MTV. I prefer rock, alternative, Indie music. Most books I read have have a dark theme.. books which make you think a lot (think: Palahniuk, Gaiman). Oh I don’t read chick lits nor do I watch chick flicks that often. In terms of films, I do enjoy watching those gangster slash mob, and artistic films (think Godfather, A Clockwork Orange, Donnie Darko). So yeah perhaps there’s a dark, twisted, and macabre-like feel to my music, books, and film collection 🙂



– Share with us some pictures of your books and Moleskines









– Lastly, share with us your favorite last line from a book.

“Until someone came  and rested a hand lightly on my shoulder, my thoughts were of the sea.” South of the Border, West of the Sun – Haruki Murakami


About Anina Rubio.

Anina Rubio is an engineer, artist, and coffee-holic who is currently building her library of books. She shoots in film most of the time especially during her travels and explorations.  She is a graduate of engineering and is now pursuing motion picture and tv production.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/aninarubio

– all photos and images posted in this entry are the property of Ms. Anina Rubio.