Month: November 2012

Field Notes Summer, Fall & 18-Month Calendar now available!

Field Notes Summer 2012 “Day Game” – Outfield Green, Infield Brown, and Hardball White. Each features high-gloss, foil-stamped type on a French Paper Company 100# cover, with white type on the green and brown books and “Baseball Stitching Red” on the white books. The interior pages are a 50# Finch Opaque and sport a light-tan version of our popular “Dot Grid” pattern. Ready for check-out here.

Field Notes Fall 2012 “Traveling Salesman” – The covers of this edition are a lovely chocolate brown from The French Paper Company printed with a metallic gold ink and the Field Notes logomark is embossed making for a distinguished and timeless presentation. The interior pages are “Eye-Ease” green and are ruled, ledger style, in green and red providing the perfect format for tracking miles, sales, costs, inventories and lists of all kinds. Ready for check-out here.

Field Notes Calendar 2013 back

Field Notes 2013 18-Month Calendar – The new edition of these beefy, chipboard-backed, tear-off 18-Month Workstation Calendar (November 2012 through April 2014), is 6″ x 9″ and will fit perfectly next to the bookshelf, or in the garage hanging above the air compressor, or in an office cubicle, or by that screen door at the summer place that makes such a racket when it slams shut. Ready for check-out here.

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Grab them as Christmas gifts! These Field Notes products are not available anywhere else in the Philippines!


Shelf Porn: Bookshelves of Ralfy Acuña

From Mr. Ralfy Acuña:

“I collect all sorts of books, but mostly novels, poems, plays, art books, works about history and music, and primary sources for works about the social and natural sciences. Most of them are used or new books purchased at 50 to 80 pct off, but the most valuable for me is Jung’s Red Book.

I’m currently looking for the second volume of Letters of the Great Artists, the other two volumes of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, Dunn’s edition of The Perfumed Garden, the Modern Library edition of Fowles’ The Magus, the Twentieth-Century Classics edition of Abe’s The Woman in the Dunes, The Way of Hermes (trans. Salaman and others), Tales of Hoffmann (Heritage Press), Reporting Vietnam (two volumes, Library of America), the Clay Sanskrit Library, and The Rienner Anthology of African Literature.

Paul Lorenzo ( photographed the books and shelves, and Architect Wendell Florentin (0916-4922418) designed the shelves.”


If you have some shelves of books, comics, toys & other related collectibles you’d like to show off, send us an email at: support(at)

Moleskine Images from Peter Tan


From Peter Tan,

“Three are moleskine while the other 2 are Front Notebook & an old diary.

I am a 30 year old civil engineer working for a engineering design firm in Ortigas. My interests are photography, notebooks, books, pens, stamps, graphics, etc. I usually use Moleskine Square Notebooks, the lines help me in my work sketches & note alignment. I use the square skine for work drawings when in the field where you have to draw without rulers.”

“As you can see the spines are the first to go in my moleskine. I tried other notebooks over the years but always buy a moleskine when I get the chance.”

“The contents of my notebooks are like I said, work sketches, meeting schedules, reminders, contact information. If I have a nice family or travel photo then I just print these in 2R size & paste them on a page with some notes about the picture.”

“After several years when you read the notebooks again, it is like a diary of sorts.”

“I have a flickr account if you want to see some of my “artsy” photography images. –


 If you have some shelves of books, comics, toys & other related collectibles you’d like to show off, send us an email at: support(at)