From Peter Tan,

“Three are moleskine while the other 2 are Front Notebook & an old diary.

I am a 30 year old civil engineer working for a engineering design firm in Ortigas. My interests are photography, notebooks, books, pens, stamps, graphics, etc. I usually use Moleskine Square Notebooks, the lines help me in my work sketches & note alignment. I use the square skine for work drawings when in the field where you have to draw without rulers.”

“As you can see the spines are the first to go in my moleskine. I tried other notebooks over the years but always buy a moleskine when I get the chance.”

“The contents of my notebooks are like I said, work sketches, meeting schedules, reminders, contact information. If I have a nice family or travel photo then I just print these in 2R size & paste them on a page with some notes about the picture.”

“After several years when you read the notebooks again, it is like a diary of sorts.”

“I have a flickr account if you want to see some of my “artsy” photography images. –


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