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Winner of the Oodles and Goodles Moleskine Contest!

Congratulations to Chel of The Casual Observer blog! You won a Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook + Php500.00 worth of Avalon.ph Gift Certificate!

The Casual Observer

Thank you very much to Oodles and Goodles for hosting the contest, and a big thank you to all those who participated. The Moleskine Blog Hopping Giveaways 2009 – Series 2 is suspended at the moment but we will be back! Be sure to add us to your RSS feed so you won’t miss any announcement, or simply add our Social Media accounts:

Yahoo Messenger: avalonph
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/avalonph
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/avalonph
Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/user/avalonph
Multiply: http://avalonph.multiply.com

Gift Certificate

Buying a gift and can’t decide what to give your friends? Why not give them Gift Certificates? Avalon.ph Gift Certificate comes in denomination of Php300.00, Php500.00 and Php1,000.00 and they make excellent gifts! Let them decide what they want to get, hassle-free!

Avalon.ph generates a unique code that allows the recipient to receive an equivalent amount off of items purchased on the store. The recipient is automatically notified via e-mail if the buyer opts to do so. Or you may opt to e-mail yourself the unique code and give it to the recipient. Partially redeemed Gift Certificates can be used again until fully redeemed.

Once again, we apologize for suspending the contest at the moment because we want the focus of people to be about helping others. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Moleskine Blog Hopping Giveaways Suspended

Due to Typhoon Ondoy’s aftermath, we are temporarily suspending the Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways contest series. We like the focus of people to be about helping others.

Glenda of Oodles of Goodles was placed in a very uncomfortable position of declaring a winner on Oct. 1 amidst the recent events. Thanks Glenda for your professionalism and understanding. Thank you also to Rico and Gail for working with us in suspending the contest series.

For now, let’s help. Thank you very much.

Note: Winner of the Oodles of Goodles will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways 2009 – Series 2

Blog Hop 2009 Series 2

It’s back for the 2nd series this 2009!  Avalon.ph Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways (2009) is fast becoming one of the most anticipated annual event in the Philippine blogosphere. Aside from being a promotion between different participating sites to giveaway Moleskine Notebooks, it is also a great way to introduce new and old blogs to different readers.

Visit each site during their contest period to determine their contest mechanics. These are all great sites even without the contest so check them out.

Discover blogs by people who loves to write, share ideas, and make images standout. Enjoy their blogs and you might win a Moleskine Notebook to further inspire you to write, sketch, doodle and create ideas.

Don’t miss out this unique blog contest series – and yes, you get multiple chances of winning! Click the links below during their contest period to join.

Sep 24-30 www.oodlesofgoodles.com – Oodles of Goodles
Oct 1-7 www.bahay-bahayan.com – Buhay Bahay-Bahayan
Oct 8-14 vivalavieboheme.tumblr.com – viva la vie boheme
Oct 15-21 blog.avalon.ph – Avalon.ph Blog (finale contest)

Schedule and participating blogs are subject to change.  Keep visiting this site for details.

Oodles of Goodles (www.oodlesofgoodles.com)
Oodles of Goodles is the eclectic blog of Glenda, a self-proclaimed jill-of-all trades. She was once a corporate rat who decided enough is enough and proceeded to spend her time with people and things she cares about most. And to save the world, one blog at a time. She has never looked back since.

Buhay Bahay-Bahayan (www.bahay-bahayan.com)
An online journal of a husband and wife team going through the roller coaster ride of playing real-life playhouse (bahay-bahayan). Rico is the husband, and Riza is the wife. Read on as Rico narrates his thoughts, dreams, interests, and opinions.

viva la vie boheme (vivalavieboheme.tumblr.com)
Gail. Twenty four. Has a love-hate relationship with the world. Bohemian. Writer. A philomath. I express myself better in written words and photos. I like taking out lines from lyrics, movies, and good books. I like getting lost in another world through reading, listening to music, and writing.

It is recommended you subscribe to their RSS feeds to guarantee that you don’t miss any details about their individual contests.

Don’t forget to check out the Avalon.ph Blog for regular updates about this contest.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

Moleskine Images

Good luck everyone!


Interested to see the previous Blog Hopping Giveaways? Check out the 2008 and 2009 (1st series) editions!

Want to be a participating blog next year? You can submit your blog/website details, check the link here (note: some details updated).

Teaser, Series 2

Blog Hop 2009 Series 2

Winner of the Topaz Horizon Contest!

Congratulations to Aicha! You won a Moleskine Large Cahier Black Set of 3 plus a Php500.00 Avalon.ph Gift Certificate.


Thank you everyone for participating in our contest series. I hope you discover new blogs to add in your regular browsing routine and will continue to support them.

If you like to be a participating blog in the Avalon.ph Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways 2009 – Series 2 (Sept/Oct 2009), check out the details here.

Be part of the Avalon.ph Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways!

Update: Please ignore deadlines set in this post as it is already past due. We are now accepting submissions for the 2010 edition. Give or take status will be updated by April 2010. Hope to see your blogs soon!


Since last year, we received numerous requests to have their blog participate in the Avalon.ph Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways. This is your opportunity to be part of the contest series. We are holding a 2nd part of the 2009 Moleskine Giveaways sometime September/October.

More Moleskines

Here’s a quick list of preferences (not requirements):

– not a Top 10 blog in any local (Philippine) category. The goal of the giveaways is to introduce/discover new & old blogs. Of course, there will always be exceptions when I see fit.

– blogs running a self-hosted WordPress platform is a plus.

– blog owner having decent connections in Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Flickr, & other social networks. You must be willing to promote the contest in your social networks.

The above mentioned preferences are not strict requirements at all, so feel comfortable to submit your website.

At the moment, the contest series is still an experimental thing for us. We are trying to get a feel of what combination works best both in bringing more readers to your website as well as marketing Avalon.ph.

Just send an e-mail with the following details:

– Name and a working e-mail address
– Blog/website where you intend to run the Moleskine Giveaway contest
– Why do you want your website to be part of this?
– Optional: a short suggestion, comment or observation about the Avalon.ph Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways.

E-mail to: support [@] avalon [dot] ph

Last day of submission is August 21, 2009. We value your privacy so we won’t publish/disclose any information you submitted.

Once your completed application is received, an acknowledgment e-mail will be sent to you within 48 hours. I might send follow-up questions but most likely the next response you’ll get is if your blog/website is accepted or up for consideration for a higher ranking.

I will be very honest with you, I do not feel comfortable sending ‘rejection’ e-mails. Technically, there won’t be any rejections but blogs/websites will be ranked accordingly. So if you do not received any e-mails by August 30, 2009, it simply means there are blogs/websites with higher priority rankings than yours. Please do not take it personally.

Thank you very much and I hope to see your blogs soon!


Winner of the Tina Zamora Photography contest

DUDES is the lucky winner of a Moleskine Large Plain Reporter at Tina Zamora Photography. Congratulations!

For our last leg of the current contest series, check out Topaz Horizon and win a Moleskine Large Cahier Ruled Black Set of 3 PLUS a Php500.00 Avalon.ph Gift Certificate. Good luck!

Winner of the Perlas Design Studio contest announced!

A Moleskine Large Ruled Reporter is on its way to Peter who won the 2nd leg of the Avalon.ph Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways. Congratulations!

For our 3rd leg, please visit Tina Zamora Photography and win a Moleskine Large Plain Reporter.

Tina Zamora Photography

Good luck!