Blog Hop 2009 Series 2

It’s back for the 2nd series this 2009! Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways (2009) is fast becoming one of the most anticipated annual event in the Philippine blogosphere. Aside from being a promotion between different participating sites to giveaway Moleskine Notebooks, it is also a great way to introduce new and old blogs to different readers.

Visit each site during their contest period to determine their contest mechanics. These are all great sites even without the contest so check them out.

Discover blogs by people who loves to write, share ideas, and make images standout. Enjoy their blogs and you might win a Moleskine Notebook to further inspire you to write, sketch, doodle and create ideas.

Don’t miss out this unique blog contest series – and yes, you get multiple chances of winning! Click the links below during their contest period to join.

Sep 24-30 – Oodles of Goodles
Oct 1-7 – Buhay Bahay-Bahayan
Oct 8-14 – viva la vie boheme
Oct 15-21 – Blog (finale contest)

Schedule and participating blogs are subject to change.  Keep visiting this site for details.

Oodles of Goodles (
Oodles of Goodles is the eclectic blog of Glenda, a self-proclaimed jill-of-all trades. She was once a corporate rat who decided enough is enough and proceeded to spend her time with people and things she cares about most. And to save the world, one blog at a time. She has never looked back since.

Buhay Bahay-Bahayan (
An online journal of a husband and wife team going through the roller coaster ride of playing real-life playhouse (bahay-bahayan). Rico is the husband, and Riza is the wife. Read on as Rico narrates his thoughts, dreams, interests, and opinions.

viva la vie boheme (
Gail. Twenty four. Has a love-hate relationship with the world. Bohemian. Writer. A philomath. I express myself better in written words and photos. I like taking out lines from lyrics, movies, and good books. I like getting lost in another world through reading, listening to music, and writing.

It is recommended you subscribe to their RSS feeds to guarantee that you don’t miss any details about their individual contests.

Don’t forget to check out the Blog for regular updates about this contest.

What are you waiting for? Join now!

Moleskine Images

Good luck everyone!


Interested to see the previous Blog Hopping Giveaways? Check out the 2008 and 2009 (1st series) editions!

Want to be a participating blog next year? You can submit your blog/website details, check the link here (note: some details updated).

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