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“Matthew Pearl is the author of The Dante Club, a literary thriller about a group of 19th-century Harvard scholars secretly working on a translation of The Divine Comedy who are forced out of hiding by a series of gruesome murders modelled on Dante’s Inferno.”

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1. The First Circle by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
2. Hannibal by Thomas Harris
3. The Wasteland and Other Poems by TS Eliot
4. If This is a Man by Primo Levi
5. The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
6. The Undivine Comedy by Teodolinda Barolini
7. Dante’s Testaments by Peter Hawkins
8. The Poets’ Dante, edited by Peter Hawkins and Rachel Jacoff
9. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
10. The Vision of Dante Alighieri by Henry Francis Cary

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