Here are high quality bookmarks for quick sale including ones from Sacchi (retails for over Php370.00 each). Limited stocks so hurry!

Sorry for the blurry images, I don’t want to remove the bookmarks from their original packaging. I’ll try to improve on the images below, but what’s important is you know what you are getting (especially those familiar with the brand).

These are unused. We do not sell nor will attempt to misrepresent actual condition. Most items in multiple, but small quantity. For shipping only! Once you order you must settle payment asap.

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From top to bottom:

Sacchi Zen Medallion Green Wisdom.
Code & Price: Sacchiwisdom / P220.00

Sacchi Youthful Heart Pink: True love is the joy of life. John Clarke.
Code & Price: Sacchiheart / P220.00


From top to bottom:

Sacchi Virtue Gold: LEARN. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Anonymous (Qty: 1 only)
Code & Price: Sacchilearn / P220.00

Sacchi Classic Oval: Go Confidently into the direction of your dreams. – Henry David Thoreau
Code & Price: Sacchihenry / P220.00

Sacchi Quote Heart: “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand
Code & Price: Sacchilgeorge / P190.00

Sacchi Gesture Dream
Code & Price: Sacchidream / P200.00


From L-R:

Sacchi Gesture Faith
Code & Price: Sacchifaith / P200.00

Sacchi Gesture Love
Code & Price: Sacchilove / P200.00


The Simpsons….. (music fade in)

Code & Price: Bart / P150.00

Code & Price: Homer / P150.00

(music fade out)


Harry Potter: “Expecto Patronum!”
Code & Price
: HarryPrisoner / P150.00

Harry Potter: “He’s the dog… he’s an Animagus…”
Code & Price:
Harrydog / P150.00


Harry Potter: “…nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.”
Code & Price: Harrymirror / P150.00

Harry Potter: “Priori Incantatem”
Code & Price: Harrybattle / P150.00


Magnetic Page Clips Penguin (1 left)
Code & Price: Penguin / P150.00


Magnetic Page Clips Cat (Qty: 1 only)
Code & Price: Meow / P180.00

Magnetic Page Clips Dog
Code & Price: Woof / P150.00


The Smart Bookmark: LastLine (Qty: 1 only)
Code & Price: Lastline / P180.00

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