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Seventh Moleskine Giveaway & 6th Winner Announced

Congratulations to Herminia for winning the raffle on the 6th website contest at strangely out of place. Enjoy your new Moleskine Notebook!

down a notch is the next website destination for the Avalon.ph Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaway.  This sounds like a fun contest – photo captions!



and here.

Good luck and have a good laugh!

Moleskine Giveaways on Radio – BIGKAS PILIPINAS, JAM88.3FM

Avalon.ph will again be giving away Moleskine Notebooks every Saturday from November 22 up to December 13, 2008.



Filipino pride comes renewed as poets, celebrities, musicians and artists alike all converge in today’s newest spoken word radio show that puts Filipino culture in point-blank recognition BIGKAS PILIPINAS. It is hosted by Kooky Tuason, who have helped pave the way to make spoken word an in thing today, among diverse choices of alternative music. Listen as Kooky and her guests string together words with passion in verse. Feel the poems become alive with eloquence and emotion. Each line maybe a sincere confession of their life, love and boundless imagination. Each phrase is a verbal manifestation of their artistic expression. This is their gift, their craft, their humble offering to the world.

featuring poets & poetry,
old & new,
only on your new generation music station
JAM 88.3

“a word after a word after a word is power!…”

guests: jazz singer stella ignacio, painter camille dela rosa

+ moleskine journal giveaway to lucky texter who will send a “freeverse poetry” response to the question: why jesus weeps and buddha laughs

Tune in this Saturday 9-10pm for more details!

Fifth Moleskine Giveaway, Fourth Winner Announced

Congratulations to Juligel! The winner’s answer to the question, “when are you most inspired to write?”:

I’m excited and inspired, mostly, after waking up and having a great vivid dream.

Enjoy your new Moleskine Notebook soon in the mail.

Check out Viloria.net and his Moleskine Giveaway Contest happening from November 18 to November 21.

Good luck and watch out for an ‘offline’ Moleskine Giveaway happening real soon. Check out this blog regularly for announcements.