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yet another Moleskine giveaway contest…

UPDATE (04/23 02:30am): No repeat nominations per user, but you can nominate as many friends/followers as you want. Just be conscious of your Twitter timeline, you don’t want to annoy your friends/followers. Practice FAIR PLAY, do not create Twitter accounts w/out followers just to add up your points. We read and inspect all nominations/accounts. Private profiles must (even temporarily) follow @avalonph and give us enough time to inspect and verify your entry. Remember: all disputes, loopholes, oversights – Common Sense rules!

UPDATE (04/21 13:21pm): We decided to have two (2) winners instead of one! First winner will be the one with most ‘nominations/mentions’, for the second winner we will be compiling all nominations and a winner will be selected through randomizer (1st winner no longer included). Now you have more chances to win!

Let’s head straight to the point. We’re giving away a large Moleskine Notebook through Twitter!

What is Twitter?  Twitter is a social networking and instant messaging service that allows its users to send instant updates about their status. It is a great way to keep you updated what’s happening to your friends, favorite celebrities and world news. If you already have a twitter account, follow us: @avalon.ph and join our Moleskine Giveaway contest!

There is a unique twist for this contest- you won’t win, but a Twitter friend/follower of yours will have the chance to bring home the Moleskine Notebook!

Just copy and paste and tweet this:

I want @mytwitterfollower to win a Moleskine from @avalonph! Details here – http://bit.ly/aDmcp0

Obviously, change @mytwitterfollower to any of your friend’s or follower’s twitter account. As long as you enter your tweet in the format provided, Avalon.ph will easily track all your entries and ‘nominations’.

What happens next? By the end of the contest period, we will count all ‘@myfollower’ and the one with the most “nominations” will win a large Moleskine Notebook!

There’s more! All nominations/mentions (except the first winner) will be compiled another winner will be drawn through Randomizer! More chances to win!

Contest will run from April 21 to 30, 2010.

Before you start tweeting, here are the mechanics for this contest:

– Winner, or the person you ‘nominate’ should have a Philippine-based address that’s serviceable by major couriers.

– Must be able to verify your entry and should appear in my twitter stream/search (@avalonph). That means private profiles will only qualify if you have @avalonph as your follower.

– Winner/s will be notified through Twitter. Winner must respond within a reasonable period, preferably 3-5 working days.

– In case of a tie, Randomizer will be used to determine the winner.

– Winner will receive a large Moleskine Notebook (either a Classic Ruled, Ruled Reporter, or Plain Reporter- Large)

– COMMON SENSE apply on all disputes, loopholes and oversights. Avalon.ph is the SOLE arbiter to decide on issues in this contest.

– Avalon.ph reserves the right not to really change, but to fine-tune the mechanics as we see fit during the duration of the contest.

While there’s no limit to the entries/nominations you can make, please be aware that SPAMMING your twitter stream might cause some of your followers to unfollow you. Please use discretion and respect your follower’s annoyance threshold.

Make someone happy! Tweet them to win a Moleskine Notebook! Good luck!


Win a Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner 2010!

Update: Please make it easy for us to track your twitter accounts. As long as you use the format provided below you will definitely be counted. For protected accounts, you may leave a message in the comments below that you tweet about this so I can “follow” you, or just follow @avalonph. If you use a comment user name that is different from your twitter name, do inform us. In short, make it easy for us to track you. Thanks!

The year 2009 has been an excellent year for the Moleskine notebook. They’ve expanded their product line, and more people Philippines included, are using it to expound their creativity.

Avalon.ph has been a regular destination for competitively priced Moleskine notebooks. We’ve quickly sold out our stocks of the Moleskine 2010 planner — except for one.

To thank all those who have patronized our website the past 11 years (yes we’re that old), as well as a welcome to those who are visiting Avalon.ph and its blog for the first time, we’re giving away the last Moleskine 2010 planner we have!

Now, let’s get straight to the point!

Win One (1) Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner in 12 Notebooks 2010: 12 different soft coloured covers + hard cover case.

Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner in 12 Notebooks 2010 (link from Moleskine.com), retails for Php2,750.00 locally. This is your chance to own one for FREE!

Just answer:

What are you thankful for this 2009?

a) Answering directly in the comments section below gives you one (1) point.

– or –

b) Answering in your blog with a link back to this post gives you three (3) points. You must indicate in the comments section below where to find your blog (with your answer). AND, very important, you must spell Moleskine properly in your blog post, do not forget the “E”.

c) One (1) point when you use your active twitter account (as of 11/30/09) and tweet about this contest. Make sure you include the #avalonph hashtag for me to easily track your tweet. Please take note that I cannot track ‘protected’ twitter accounts. If you have one and intend to avail of this extra point you should know what to do (follow avalonph). Exact format of tweet should be as written below in order to qualify:

RT @avalonph: Win a Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner 2010! Check out details at www.avalon.ph. #avalonph

You may tweet using your own variation as some of you like to share stuff like this on twitter, however they will not count as an entry. No spamming, no twitter cheating (using both personal & corporate/shared accounts). In short, play fair.

d) if I like your entry, you get plus two (2) points. This is purely my unbiased, unbribable and fair discretion.

All entries for additional points should be verifiable. Maximum available points is six (6). All entries will be summarized before the electronic raffle to be done through random.org’s List Randomizer or something similar.

Too much work? Satisfied to submit a silly, rushed, boring entry just for the sake of submission? Think again, up your chances to win this:

This contest/sweepstakes will run from December 1, 12:01am until December 15, 9:00pm Manila time. Sweepstakes is only open for those with a Philippine-based address that’s serviceable by major couriers.

Sweepstakes winner will be announced before 8:00am December 16. Winner must give their contact information before 12nn December 18. We will exert best effort to communicate with the winner, but if efforts fail we will use our discretion in choosing a new winner. Remember, this is a 2010 Planner so it is essential that the winner receives the item before 2010! We hope that’s clear for everyone especially those planning a long vacation this Holiday season.

Loophole or oversight regarding rules- common sense apply. Avalon.ph is the SOLE arbiter to decide on issues with regards to this contest/sweepstakes.

Good luck everyone!

Image credit: Journaling Arts (Beautiful Living) & Amazon.com