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Interesting Books in Stock: Blahnik, Nerve, DC Comics…

Blahnik by Boman: Shoes, Photographs, Conversation

Hardbound, 11.0″x14″, 224 pages. Chronicle Book (October 2005).

Condition: sealed in original wrapping, very very minor bump on corner, remainder marked. Very heavy book, shipping will cost extra or pick-up recommended.

USD85.00, local price: estimated Php3,500.00 – Php4,000.00 or more.

Avalon.ph price: Php2,500.00

Only 1 copy available!

Long before their supporting role in Sex and the City, Manolo Blahnik’s shoes were legendary—exquisitely detailed, unabashedly luxurious, and impossibly sexy. The epitome of sophistication and taste, they have graced the feet of royalty, supermodels, and movie stars. In these breathtaking pictures by Blahnik’s longtime friend, photographer Eric Boman, the shoes take center stage in a dazzling array of intriguing and often lighthearted scenes and settings. A white leather stiletto plays an incriminating role in a suggested crime worthy of Hitchcock. A pale green mule nestles among ferns in homage to Blahnik’s recurring botanical themes. The straps of a sandal echo the strands of spaghetti in which it lays entwined. Boman’s unerring eye and oddly keen understanding of Blahnik’s creations make for spellbinding pictures, full of wit, playfulness, and sole. Elegant allusions to Blahnik’s eclectic influences abound—from the cinema to history, from the natural world to art and literature. As covetable as a pair of Manolos, this is a book of consummate creativity, addictive power, and unrivaled individuality: a cult object on a cult designer.

The Review: Blahnik by Boman (Why Fashion? website, & extra images)

Order/inquiries, please use this link.


Nerve: The First Ten Years
Essays, Interviews, Fiction, and Photography

Hardbound, 9.0″x10.0″, 272 pages. Chronicle Book (December 2008).

Condition: very good condition, unread overstock copy, very minor shelf wear, remainder marked. Pink plastic glow-in-the-day cover jacket

USD40.00, local price: estimated Php1,500.00 – Php2,000.00.

Avalon.ph price: Php1,000.00

Stocks limited.

Way back in the early days of the Internet Nerve.com challenged the best writers and photographers of the generation to create work that was explicit in both senses of the word: honest and sexy. Now ten years later Nerve.com is renowned for its bold and intelligent publishing on sex. This stunning retrospective celebrates Nerve’s impact on popular culture with its stimulating essays interviews fiction and photography. Encased in an electric vinyl case the book is provocative all the way through—with seductive photographs and contributions from celebrated writers such as Jonathan Lethem Chuck Palahniuk and Em & Lo on topics ranging from monogamy to hand jobs to the best (and worst) sex of a lifetime.

Order/inquiries, please use this link.


The DC Comics Action Figure Archive

Hardbound, 9.0″x12.0″, 208 pages. Chronicle Book (January 2008).

Condition: varies, please e-mail. Most have light transit wear to dustjacket 1″-2″ closed tears. Originally unread overstock copy, remainder marked. Overall vg- condition. Most flaws on dustjacket.

USD40.00, local price: estimated Php1,800.00 – Php2,400.00.

For a limited period- Avalon.ph price: Php800.00

Stocks limited.

Amazon.com Best of the Month, January 2008. For the legions that collect the immensely popular DC Comics action figures, we have good news: the official visual compendium of more than 1,400 characters has finally arrived. The DC Comics Action Figure Archive is the definitive reference for the serious enthusiast. Assembled by lead collector Scott Beatty and the experts at DC Comics, this sturdy hardcover features more than 600 full-color photographs and an easily navigable A-to-Z structure. Here, too, are previously impossible-to-find release dates, variants and “redecoes,” as well as detailed information on action figure scales and articulation points. From Ace the Bat-Hound to Zauriel, with lots of Batman and Superman in-between, this collector’s must-have guide doesn’t miss a beat.

Order/inquiries, please use this link.

Most Interesting Book in stock lately…



PICTOPLASMA: The Character Encyclopaedia

by: Pictoplasma Publishing, Berlin

date: November 2006
editor: Peter Thaler, Lars Denicke

pages: 396
size: 18.4 x 22.3 cm / 7.24 x 8.78 in
features: full colour, special hardcover

ISBN: 3-9810458-3-1

Avalon.ph Price: Php3,500.00

Sold out from the publisher! Probably your only chance to get a copy locally, exclusive on Avalon.ph.

Condition: Some light scratches on cover (visible on image), very good condition, unread copy. Only opened (carefully) for images.

From Pictoplasma Publishing website:

“With this long awaited follow-up publication Pictoplasma delivers an in-depth exploration of the latest tendencies in current character design and art, spanning from drawing, design and painting to its use in installations and sculpture.

Pictoplasma not only creates the world’s first Encyclopaedia of figurative design – by cataloguing the characters as independent life-forms of their own right, the compilation enables to examine similarities and permutations of globally recurring motifs and styles.

Building on the graphical roots of today’s character culture, the selection examines the essential qualities that enable these reduced character depictions to hit home with the universal power of anthropomorphic appeal.

By sorting, clustering, cross-referencing and inter-linking the creations of a disparate scene of artists, the encyclopaedia creates a unique cartography of the latest generations populating the character universe.

The 396-page volume features fresh and surprising work by over 250 artists, designers and newcomers, including Ana Bagayan, Friends With You, Fons Schiedon, eBoy, Akinori Oishi, Koralie, Doma, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Klaus Haapaniemi, Eun-Ha Paek, Nicholas Deakin, Shoboshobo, Gary Taxali and many, many more…”

Farewell Melinda, Farewell The Last Unicorn… Rare Books Sold

Books depart from me all the time, sometimes they make it somewhat depressing. Last week, two of my personal favorites left my bookshelves.

Melinda by Neil Gaiman (Signed and Limited to 1,000 copies)

Melinda Cover


The Last Unicorn: The Lost Version by Peter Beagle (Signed and Limited to 1,000 copies)

Last Unicorn cover

I did get a significant monetary rate in return, but these are titles I do not expect to have again in my lifetime. Both are currently out-of-print, and very expensive in the collectible books market. Both titles appreciated in value immediately as they were released, and they were probably the only copies actually available for sale in the Philippines.

At the same time, buyer also bought these titles:

Coraline by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean (Signed & Limited 1/1000)

Coraline Limited


Interworld by Neil Gaiman & Michael Reaves (Signed & Limited 1/500)

Interworld Limited

To the person who bought them (you will remain anonymous from others), love them, boldly display them, treasure them and most of all amidst the price, make sure your kids will read them. It is sad I never even read them, because of my intent of putting them up for sale I like to think even the first pass of actually reading the books should belong to you.

Below are additional images of Melinda and The Last Unicorn: The Lost Version. So if I have to reminisce, I just have to take a look here. Read more

Snow, Glass, Apples Farewell

This left my shelves a month ago, and I miss it. I strongly doubt I’ll have a copy again.

Snow Glass Apples

Neil Gaiman’s Snow Glass Apples chaplet, signed by the author. Nothing surprising as Neil Gaiman has been the most consistent top-selling author on the website.

Last few hours and the winner of the Interworld Signed book will be announced.

Interworld Signed by Neil Gaiman

Make sure you have a valid entry! Good luck!

Win a Signed Neil Gaiman Book- Interworld (Hardbound)

Interworld Cover

As we continue to observe our tenth year anniversary online, Avalon.ph will be giving away a hardbound Signed Copy of Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Copy is signed only by Neil Gaiman.

Interworld Signed by Neil Gaiman

Just enter in the comments section your favorite Neil Gaiman quote. For verification and fairness purposes we will limit quotes from any of his published fiction or non-fiction books, or comic books.

We’re not going to make it complicated but make sure the quote can be verified, if necessary. It is not required but it would be more fun to read if you mention the source or character who said it. Only one (1) comment/entry allowed per person.

Blog about this contest with a link back to this entry gives you one (1) extra point PLUS I will read each one and the best post (my preference) will win a brand new Moleskine Pocket Plain Reporter Notebook.

Enter a comment/entry then make any online purchase on Avalon.ph and earn more points. Each item purchased is equal to 1 point. If your order has 3 items, you earn 3 extra points.

Avalon.ph Auctions is also doing a Php10.00 book auction on select titles concurrent with this post. This is the easiest way to increase your chances. The auction site may have different user IDs, only purchases under account avalonph will qualify as points. To avoid confusion just click on the given links.

Only orders made online between March 3, 12:01am to March 27, 11:59pm will be counted. All extra points will only be valid when orders are fully paid before March 29, 2009. Winner will be determined through Random.org, the drawing will be made anytime on March 30, 2009. Disputes or loopholes regarding contest rules- common sense apply. If you have any questions, contact us.

Contest is only open for those with a valid Philippine mailing address.

Good luck everyone!

“What power would HELL have if those here imprisoned were not able to dream of heaven?” – Morpheus to Lucifer/Hell, from The Absolute Sandman Vol. 1 (Preludes & Nocturnes)

Note: Some personal Neil Gaiman signed book collection are posted on the website, you may click here. Some are priced not exactly to sell unless there’s a very good offer!

Winner of the Signed A Cook’s Tour book!

Congratulations to cebukitty! She won a Signed hardbound copy of Anthony Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour!

kitchencow screen grab

Thank you again to Kitchencow.com for hosting the contest.

Three Books to Bond with your Personal Library

I seldom source out classic works of literature because they are easily available in local bookstores.  However, I just have to get this set- The Midpoint Press Limited Edition series.  Soon for sale.  See for yourself why.

Here are images of the books in stock right now:

The Illustrated Library: Shakespeare
The Works of Oscar Wilde
The Original Illustrated Strand Sherlock Holmes

Hard-to-find hardcover, all in limited edition. Over 1100 pages, special antique-cream paper. Size 12.0″x9.5″. Bound in full cloth, foil-blocked cover and front board. Gilt edged pages.  Just beautiful.

Read more

Neil Gaiman’s: The Graveyard Book (Advance Copy) Signed! For auction!

The Graveyard Book ARC

Hi there,

For those who really can’t wait! Avalon.ph Auctions presents- a very
special auction for a SIGNED copy of Neil Gaiman’s upcoming book- The
Graveyard Book. This is an ARC. The book is scheduled for release on
September 30, 2008.

Auction starts at PhP10.00 – no reserve.

Start Date: at 12:30pm, 13 August 2008
End Date: at 12:30pm, 21 August 2008

Read this book ahead of everybody else. Half of the final bid price will be
for a good cause (scholarship program). Check it here: www.avalon.ph.
Probably the only copy that’s actually available for sale in the
Philippines! Happy Bidding!