Thanks to all those who visited last weekend’s Ateneo Celadon Young Entrepreneurs Show 2008. We have given away Moleskine Notebooks as well as introduced them to a lot of cool people. It is my first time to set-up a public display of Moleskine Notebooks and I have to say the different types look pretty slick next to each other. Here are some photos from the event:

Moleskine Display 01 2008

Moleskine Display 01 2008 b

Moleskine Display 01 2008 c

Moleskine Display 01 2008 d

Most common question asked about the Moleskine Notebooks: “Are these made from a mole’s skin?”

Weirdest question asked: “Why is there an ‘E’ in Moleskine? Isn’t it there is no ‘E’ when you spell ‘skin’?”

It was a good thing I wasn’t drinking at that moment.