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Win One (1) Moleskine LARGE Weekly Planner Horizontal Layout 2009 (Hard Cover)

Just answer:

What are you thankful for this year (2008)?

Easy entries:

a) Answering in the comments section gives you 1 point.


b) Answering in your blog with a link back to this post gives you 2 points.

Basically that’s it.  But wait! Want to have more chances of winning? Yes you can! You must answer via a) or b) before the extra points can be applied.

micro-blog entries:

– Sharing in your Plurk or Twitter account details of this contest gives you 1 extra point. If you have both accounts active and you shared on both, they only count as one.  Please make sure you indicate in the comments section that you posted on plurk/twitter so it can be verified. Fabricated accounts for the purpose of this entry will not be counted. Feel free to follow/add: avalonph (plurk & twitter). That’s one way for us to easily track your extra points entry.

Some work but potentially rewarding entries:

– Creating and sharing your Christmas Gift Registry gives you 1 extra point. You must register on before you can create a Gift Registry.

– Creating, sharing and posting your Christmas Gift Registry link in your blog during the duration of this contest gives you 2 extra points. Please make sure that I be made aware of the blog entry link. You can access the direct URL of your Christmas Gift Registry in the Manage Gift Registry section of your account.

The Gift Registry is one of the website’s most powerful features.  Feel free to create any number of relevant Gift Registry you want (birthdays, anniversary, etc). Imagine freely selecting the items you want, putting them in one long list and sending the list to your family and friends! That’s a very convenient, tech-savvy and sort of subtle way of telling them your ideal gifts. Here is a quick FAQ on how to create an Gift Registry. For an example of how your Gift Registry page will look like please click on this sample account.

Feel that earning extra points may be too complicated? Think again.

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All entries for additional points should be verifiable. Maximum available points is five (5). Site admin can easily recognize Gift Registry creations.  You can send me e-mail at support(at)avalon(dot)ph about your Gift Registry blog post, or just share it in the comments section alongside your entry. All entries will be summarized before the electronic raffle (

The contest will run from December 12 midnight until December 19, 2008, 9:00pm Manila time. Contest is only open for those with a Philippine-based address that’s serviceable by major couriers.

Contest winner will be announced before 8:00am December 20. Winner must give their contact information before 12nn December 22 (so we can ship same day). We will exert best effort to communicate with the winner, but if efforts fail we will use our discretion in choosing a new winner. Remember, this is a 2009 Planner so it is essential that the winner receives the item preferably before 2009! We hope that’s clear for everyone especially those who are planning a long vacation this Holiday season. Loopholes or oversights regarding contest rules- common sense applies!

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44 Comments on Final Contest! Win a Moleskine Weekly Planner!

  1. I am thankful for going freelance this year, enabling me to take full control of my life. Never before had I felt FREE in every sense of the word, and this decision resulted in a lot of positive changes in every facet of my day-to-day living. Cheers!

    PS: I made a post about the contest in my twitter:

  2. i am thankful for the grace to overcome three major upheavals this year — a relationship ending, graduation, and taking a grueling national exam after six months of review. 2008 is the year when my life turned a corner.

  3. I’m thankful for all the unexpected good fortunes that went our way after going through a few bouts of frustrations.

  4. The first answer that comes to mind when I think about the question of what I’m thankful for this year is the birth of my son Cole.

  5. I am thankful for all the blessings God bestowed to me and my family this year. Eventhough my dear husband passed away early this year, leaving me, my two sons and daughter, I still cannot complain on how gracious God has been to our family.

    (P.S. I created a gift registry, how could I share it? I don’t have an active blog)

  6. I am thankful for passing all my subjects in school this year. I still have 3 months to go for school to be over, and hopefully I’ll survive. Besides that, I’m also thankful for having loyal and supportive friends, and loving family.

  7. Lubos ang pasasamalat ko sa isang taong nakilala ko ng magihan ngayong taon.

    Nagppasalamat ako sa taong itong dahil nkkilala ko ang taong sumagip sa aking mga kasalanan. Hindi lang tagapag ligtas kundi kaibigan, ama at diyos ko. Na nsa paligid lmang at at tayoy binabantayan sa ating mga ginagawa.

    Masaya ako at muling lumalim ang pananampalataya ko sa Diyos. Malaki ang naitulong nun sa akin at sa pang-araw araw kong pamumuhay. = )

    Lalim ng tagalog ko noh? hehe. Trip lang. = )

    (Sayang wala akong plurk or twitter.)

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  10. There’s a lot I’m thankful for this year. I’m thankful for my friends and my family, the presents I’ve received this year and the opportunity to visit new places and meet new people.

    I’ve written about it in detail here, and put it on Plurk as well. 🙂 Registry link there too hehe.

  11. for this year i am so thankful for:
    1. my adorable daughter
    2. a lovable husband
    3. my very supportive family
    4. my fantastic blogger friends
    5. my job
    6. and also for all the trials that molded me to be stronger

  12. I am thankful for the rakets and work experience I’ve received this year, and for having the company of people who do good on their promises. 🙂

  13. I’m thankful for having survived half of second year this year. It was tough, but on the way, I learned a lot and I got to know a lot more people, most especially my batchmates whom I never talked to during freshman year.

    I’m thankful for having learned that my allowance shouldn’t be taken for granted, and that there’s something to be appreciated in learning to handle money well.

    I’m thankful for my dad securing a better, stable job after four or five years.

    I’m thankful for the friends I had in high school whom I still consider close, even if I can count the times we spent together this 2008.

  14. 12 monthly reasons for gratitude this year:

    January – a great start for the year as I was armed with the resolve to pursue old/new interests.

    February – the gift of realization that family and friends who tell me “I’m here for you” are not really there when I need them.

    March – a renewed sense of commitment to finish my MBA degree no matter what/who may want to detract/distract me from it.

    April – feeling joy from the birth of my grandson (actually my brother’s) by affinity.

    May – finding my graduate school studies exciting and exhilarating.

    June – seeing strength within after someone attempted to derail my MBA studies.

    July – rediscovering my youthful enjoyment of comic books.

    August – rediscovering my passion for research.

    September – a ruptured disk made me take things slow and easy, stress-free.

    October – seeing my book collection grow and grow thanks to Ebayph suki-sellers and the newly-opened National Bookstore branch here.

    November – celebrating my 12th birthday (that is, if life begins at 40).

    December – relishing the thought of leaving 2008 and looking forward to 2009 which my instinct and gut-feel tell me is going to be a lucky year for me.

    here’s my blogpost:

  15. What are you thankful for this year (2008)?

    I’m thankful that after spending 10 months abroad, I’ll be able to spend Christmas and New Year with my family at home. Rarely do I get a chance to spend holidays with them every year. God is really good to me this year.

  16. The things I am thankful this ’08

    1) Having a job that would help support my mother and brother.
    2) Having a special someone. = )
    3) Good health.
    4) Continous blessings from God.

  17. i am thankful for a great and almighty god, who has provided for all my needs–and even my wants. i am grateful for a husband who indulges me, and whose work gives me the option to choose whether or not to work. i am thankful for my daughter who is such a character–she makes us laugh. i am just thankful to be alive. 🙂

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