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Moleskine Star Wars Limited Edition Giveaway!

11/08/11: Updated with Google+ point entry. Details below.

A long time ago… well almost 13 years ago, was established (you can read our short history here). It was 1999, the Philippine Internet community is buzzing with companies and websites riding on the dotcom boom. Unfortunately after 13 years, most didn’t make it.

Since 1999, continues to be one of the most patronized local online shopping websites in the country. We would like to say “thank you” again for your amazing support. To end 2011 we would like to give you an opportunity to win some of the most coveted items this upcoming Holiday season.

Here’s your chance to win a Moleskine Star Wars Large Limited Edition Plain Notebook! Not only that, by joining this giveaway you are also increasing your chances of winning our next one (a Moleskine planner)! Read on for the details.

A limited edition dedicated to the greatest space epic ever told combines classic Moleskine features with exclusive artwork from the original 1977 film.

The Moleskine Star Wars Large Plain Notebook is presented in a black hard cover with silk screen printed and debossed Star Wars graphics, quotes, logo and a paper band with a fleet of X-Wings. The inner pages are decorated with material from the Lucas film archive and include bespoke Star Wars paper inserts or stickers and full-colour end papers.

Features 240 pages of acid-free plain paper, pocket, ribbon and elastic closure.

Mechanics. Do at least one of the following:

1. Leave a comment below about the first time you heard about “Star Wars”. It doesn’t have to be about the film, it can be about their comic books, action figures & other merchandise/variations. (+1 point)

Note: Entry won’t count if for some reason you unintentionally talked about …  Star Trek.

2. Blog about this giveaway with your answer for #1 linking back to this post. Please enter the link of your blog entry in the comments below. (+3 points)

3. Twitter (+1 point). Just tweet: Win a Moleskine Star Wars Large Plain Notebook courtesy of @avalonph! Details here:

4. Tumblr (+1 point). Check out and reblog the specific Moleskine Star Wars entry posted in this Tumblr link. No follows required.

(new: updated 11/09/11) 5. Add us on Google+ and share our contest link. “Sharing” through Google+ is the only requirement but it would be easier to track it if you add us first. (+1 point)

Giveaway Twist: All points earned participating in this giveaway will have a chance to count as extra entries in our next one (Moleskine 2012 Large Planner). Make it so that you join now and increase your chances of winning!

Poster by the Brothers Hildebrandt

– This giveaway is open only to residents of the Philippines with an address that is serviceable by major couriers.

– Giveaway starts on Nov. 2 (Wednesday), ends on Nov. 16, 2011 at 1:00pm (Manila time). All valid entries will be tallied and a winner drawn via a List Randomizer website. We will announce the winner within 36-48 hours. Winner must respond within a reasonable period, preferably 2-3 working days.

– We will not answer inquiries about the number of entries you entered. We are very efficient in monitoring giveaway entries so do not worry. We will not notify a user if his entry is invalid. reserves the right to invalidate entries that are considered ‘dubious’, ‘malicious’ or from ‘fake’ accounts.

– Upon willfully engaging an entry to this giveaway you are waiving all rights to contest the rules, our handling of this giveaway and the results. COMMON SENSE apply on all disputes, loopholes and oversights. is the SOLE arbiter to decide which entry is valid. reserves the right not to really change, but to fine-tune the mechanics as we see fit during the duration of the giveaway.

Good luck and may the force be with you!

Website note: We do not have stocks of the Moleskine Star Wars Notebook and the Moleskine 2012 planners. Sorry!

Moleskine Quick Sale, Part 2 – 2011

First-come, First-served. EMAIL is the only way to order. We cannot officially process text message orders until you email me since it is first-come(email), first-served. Please send all order-related emails to: support(at) You can also send a direct email here. Thank you.

Some items here are UNWRAPPED, some have been in storage for a while for personal use. Being unwrapped, some might have minor to noticeable bumps or dust spotting that can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Please take this into consideration before you buy. MOST are like-new, we just need to put the first few sentences as a ‘catch-all’ phrase on any condition-related issues especially for “new” buyers. We DO NOT sell junk. If there are major flaws it will be mentioned. Most of the visible flaws are those that will eventually show up after using your Moleskine for 2-4 weeks.

We cannot allow returns/exchange or refunds except of course on exceptional cases. You have to agree to this before purchasing. Those who are new or never bought from before, you have to accept that as one of the terms for this sale. For those who bought from us before, you know how we work making sure every customer is satisfied.

We will be redundant in describing the stocks to avoid mistakes when you read it. Still, read it carefully. The list isn’t organized in the most easy-to-read manner so please pay attention.

Items are complete or missing non-essential inserts (the Moleskine history sheet). It will be mentioned if missing items are essential (like in the case of Moleskine City, the stickers). Most unwrapped items missing the wrap-around band (the “paper brand” band, not the black band). As far as I know except for 2 (which I described below), all of the pages clean and no ink marks. Remember, these are journals that will probably be in the same condition as described if you use them for 1-4 weeks.

In essence, the more abused a Moleskine look, the more enamoring it gets (at least for some Moleskine lovers that I know). There’s actually a store in Manhattan back in 2007 that opens a new Moleskine, “removed the branded band around them, kicked these books about (and through a few puddles of coffee) to give them a well-worn, as used-by-traveling-authors feel, then returned the branded band and placed them on the shelf for sale.” – via PSFK.

PAYMENT: Shipping only. As fast as possible. Please do not order if you are planning to pay after 5 days. Be fair to other buyers when you email me. Play nice.

ORDERING: Since some items are similar, include the CODE indicated after each title in your order email. Don’t hesitate to email me just the CODE to earn the right to buy it as soon as you read it. Just make sure that you won’t change your mind.

Images: They are for reference only. May or may not be actual item (most of the time they are).

I may miss something but everything is in the spirit of good faith and best business practices. Happy browsing!


Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook SOFTCOVER. Sealed,very good, might have very light bumps. 192 lined pages, 3.5″x5.5″, expandable inner pocket. Price: PhP500.00, Code: SOFT1001. Quantity: 4.

Moleskine LARGE Ruled Notebook SOFTCOVER. UNSEALED. Can’t say in like new condition but still a very solid copy. No serious bumps, scratches. One tiny peel on the cover. Just the overall ‘feel’ of the journal isn’t new. Price: PhP580.00, Code: LSOFT23

Moleskine Diary 2009 Daily Planner, Large. Read again, 2009
Unused, unwrapped, may have minor bumps, scratches. Very clean copy. Price: PhP200.00, Code: PLAN2009A

Moleskine Plain Notebook, Pocket SOFTCOVER (black). Unwrapped, unused, very good condition but not perfect. Minor scratches, even some dash of sparkles on back cover. Band tight, priced as-is. Price: PhP400.00, Code: PPLA013

Moleskine Plain Notebook, Large (black). Unwrapped, unused, very good condition but not perfect, may have minor bumps, scratches. Wrap-around paper band included, wrap-around strap tight and solid. Price: PhP680.00, Code: PLAIN


Moleskine CLASSIC SQUARED Notebook

Moleskine Pocket Squared. Unwrapped, some very minor bumps/dust spots. Pages looks clean and everything else tight. Price: PhP300.00, Code: SQP010.

Moleskine Pocket Squared. Unwrapped but repacked, some very minor bumps/dust spots. Pages looks clean and everything else tight. Wrap around band included. Price: PhP330.00, Code: SQP011.

Moleskine Pocket Squared. Unwrapped, ONE PAGE has been written “Mole Mole” in black ink, taking up a 5×8 square space on that page. Probably on the 16th page. Everything else looks clean and tight. Price: PhP280.00, Code: SQP017.

Moleskine Squared. LARGE, unwrapped. Very good condition, may have light bumps, scratches (looks clean though). Price: PhP600.00, Code: SQPL451.


Moleskine Memo Pockets

Moleskine Memo Pockets. Unwrapped, there is a single line black ink near the “please return to…” text on first page. Otherwise very good condition. Minor dust spots, appears lightly pressed nothing serious if you are going to use this anyway. No wrap around paper band. Wrap-around strap okay. Price: PhP220.00, Code: MP005

Moleskine Memo Pockets. Unwrapped, minor dust spots, appears lightly pressed nothing serious if you are going to use this anyway. No wrap around band. Price: PhP330.00, Code: MP010.

Moleskine Memo Pockets. Unwrapped, minor dust spots, appears lightly pressed nothing serious if you are going to use this anyway. No wrap around band. Price: PhP330.00, Code: MP011.


Moleskine Cahiers:

Moleskine Cahier Set of 3 Ruled Journals, Large, Black. Unwrapped but in very good condition. Sold as set. Price: PhP400.00, Code: CAHLBB21

Moleskine Cahier Set of 3 Ruled Journals, Large, Kraft (Brown). Partially unwrapped (top portion) but in very good condition. Sold as set. Price: PhP450.00, Code: CAHLK044

Moleskine Cahier Set of 3 Ruled Journals, Large, Kraft (Brown). UNWRAPPED but in very good condition. Sold as set. Price: Php400.00, Code: CAHLK245

Moleskine Pocket Cahier Plain Journal, unwrapped sold AS SET, black, 5 pieces. Three (3) pieces in very good unwrapped condition, two (2) pieces in very good condition but have a light scratch on the covers, nothing serious. Total of five (5) pieces. Price: PhP500.00 for the SET, Code: CAHPL502.

Moleskine Pocket Cahier Set of 3 Plain Journals, BROWN. Sold as set not piece. There’s a blue pen marking on the OUTSIDE plastic cover, shouldn’t affect at all what’s inside. Completely wrapped. Price: PhP300.00, Code: CAHPLB41

Moleskine Pocket Cahier Set of 3 Ruled Journals, black. Partially unwrapped (top 0ff, 1/3), still good as new, solid edges, clean. Sold as SET. Price: PhP280.00, Code: CAHR505.

Moleskine Pocket Cahier Set of 3 Ruled Journals, black. Partially unwrapped (just top corners), wrap around band not included, still good as new, solid edges, clean. Sold as SET. Price: PhP280.00, Code: CAHR534.

Moleskine XLARGE Cahier Set of 3 SQUARED Journal, 7.5″x10.0″. Black, UNWRAPPED. Very good condition although have some light scratches, not perfect, not in brand new condition but unused. Sold as set. PhP800.00, Code: SQXL.


Moleskine Reporter:

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Reporter (lined). Wrapped, however there seems to be a tiny, very tiny 0.8cm blade cut on the side of the unit. Nothing serious, just disclosure. Shouldn’t be an issue. Price: PhP350.00, Code: RRP442

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Reporter (lined) unwrapped, some bumps, light scratches. No wrap around band. Price: PhP300.00, Code: RRP010.

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook (Classic) unwrapped, clean, very light scratch on top portion. Strap doesn’t feel as tight as they should be, but not in any way considered loose. No wrap around band. Price: PhP350.00, Code: PRN010.


Moleskine CITY. Everything pocket-sized. Priced in major stores PhP1,199.00. Get up to 70% off!

Moleskine City Paris. Unwrapped. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside). Appears to be very, very lightly pressed depends on your perfect squared-condition threshold. Price: PhP250.00, Code: PAR001.

Moleskine City Paris. Wrapped, obvious small bump in the back cover, nothing serious but worth mentioning as a flaw. Still good as brand new. Price: PhP300.00, Code: PAR002.

Moleskine City San Francisco. Unwrapped. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside). The wrap around band (non-essential) have some pen markings. Price: PhP300.00, Code: SF002.

Moleskine City San Francisco. Unwrapped. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside). Price: PhP330.00, Code: SF004.

Moleskine City New York. Unwrapped, unused. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside). Price: PhP330.00, Code: NYC001

Moleskine City Washington, D.C. Unwrapped. Inspected and appears to be complete (stickers inside). Some of the inserts have light edge bumps. Price: PhP300.00, Code: WDC001.


Moleskine Pre-China “label” (Kikkerland)

These are old Moleskine stocks  more than 5-6 years. Label indicates Kikkerland Design, Inc., New York. All items sealed/wrapped in very good condition with occasional shelf/transit wear. May have minimal bumps, but technically brand new. Any other flaws greater than that will be indicated. If you check old Moleskine forums (on Google and Yahoo! groups) some are saying that pre-China label seemed to be of higher paper quality, especially the sketchbooks, than the ones coming out now. We are not implying anything so feel free to do your own research. Try going to Google Groups and search moleskinerie.


Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook. Wrapped, pre-China label. May have minimal peelings of original plastic wrapper. Price: PhP600.00, Code: SQOLD41. Quantity available: 6.

Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook. Pre-China label. UNWRAPPED. Some light scratches on cover, nothing serious. Price: PhP480.00, Code: SQP1021.

Moleskine Memo Pockets (Pocket size). Wrapped/partially wrapped, original wrapping. May have light bumps. Pre-China label. Price: PhP600.00, Code: MEMOOLD41. Quantity available: 4.

Moleskine Memo Pockets L (Large). Wrapped. Very impressive copy. Based on ‘research’ there’s a big difference between quality of Memo Pockets pre-China label. This is Pre-China label. Price: PhP1,000.00, Code: MEMOOLD91.

“Losing my passport was the least of my worries; losing a notebook was a catastrophe.” Bruce Chatwin (wrap around text on the band of these pre-China label Moleskines)

Moleskine Pocket Sketch-Book. Wrapped/partially wrapped, pre-China label. Very light scratches on back cover (unwrapped portion). Price: PhP750.00, Code: PSKETOLD31

Moleskine Pocket Ruled-Notebook. Wrapped. Pre-China label. Price: PhP680.00, Code: ROLD41

Moleskine LARGE Ruled-Notebook L. Wrapped. Pre-China label. Price: PhP900.00, Code: RLOLD51


Non-Moleskine Journals/Stationery

Readables Naturals: Pocket notepad with expanding file folder. Fabric cover, a little dusty due to storage, pen holder inside, “notepad” detachable from the top, some light spotting (image below) on the inside but a very unique journal. Strap not very solid but still very good. 4.25″x6.5″. Price: PhP250.00, Code: READA001.

You can check other non-Moleskine Journals/Stationery posting via this link.

That’s it! Thank you very much!