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Winner of Share Moleskine Love!

Congratulations to twitter user @aninarubio!

You win the following:

1 – Moleskine Large Ruled Notebook
1 – Moleskine Large Cahier Ruled Black Set of 3
1 – Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook

We will contact you to get your shipping address. Expect an e-mail/@mention from us soon!

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Thanks everyone for participating. I hope the contest format is fun especially the act of @mentioning your Twitter friends/followers. If you have a comment to make this contest format better let us know!

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Share Moleskine Love! Win a Moleskine SET Twitter contest!

Back to school? Use a Moleskine set as your new notebooks!

New projects at work? Use those fancy Cahiers to keep track of each one!

Or just write, sketch & doodle anything! is giving away a Moleskine set consisting of:

1 – Moleskine Large Ruled Notebook
1 – Moleskine Large Cahier Ruled Black Set of 3
1 – Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook

How to join?

Entries will be submitted through Twitter. The twist for this contest is that if you want to win, entries are to be submitted by your friends/followers and not yourself! Either you request them to @mention you, or @mention your most generous friends/followers to win and wait for them to @mention you back. At the end of the contest, all @mention entries will be submitted through Randomizer to draw one (1) winner!

The line to tweet is:

Share Moleskine Love! I want @mytwitterfollower to win a Moleskine set from @avalonph! Details here –

Obviously, change @mytwitterfollower to any of your friend/follower twitter account (believe it or not in my previous contest some didn’t). As long as you enter your tweet in the format provided, will easily track all your entries and @mentions. No repeat @mentions. Same @mentions will only be counted once per account.

Before you start tweeting @mention to your friends, here are the mechanics for this contest:

– Contest duration from June 9 up to June 15 (Tuesday) June 16 (Wednesday), 3:00pm, 2010. Winner will be drawn within 12 hours after contest end.

– Winner, or the person you @mention should have a Philippine-based address serviceable by major couriers.

– Must be able to verify your entry and should appear in my twitter stream (@avalonph). In short, if I cannot see your entry because the one who @mention you has a private profile, it will not count. Respectfully request them to follow @avalonph and I will follow back to check the entry.

– At the end of the contest, all entries will be submitted to a Randomizer website and a winner will be drawn.

– Winner will be notified through Twitter. Winner must respond within a reasonable period, preferably 2-3 working days.

– COMMON SENSE apply on all disputes, loopholes and oversights. is the SOLE arbiter to decide on issues about this contest. reserves the right not to really change, but to fine-tune the mechanics as we see fit during the duration of the contest.

This is not about who gets the most @mentions like our last contest. All @mentions will be submitted through a Randomizer to draw a winner. Remember, one entry can make a difference. One of the winners of our last draw only had 2 entries (as compared to some who have 20+).

Please do not ask us about how many entries you received. We will not answer inquiries with regards to your number of entries. Remember, some may have private profiles and some Twitter account are ‘spam’/fake accounts. If a user has a private profile it is your job to inform them to follow me. We will only count “valid” entries according to the @avalonph Twitter feed (not yours). What I see on my @avalonph twitter feed is different from what you see on yours.

We do not encourage SPAM. While there’s no limit to the entries/@mentions you can make, please be aware that SPAMMING your twitter stream might cause some of your followers to unfollow you. Please use discretion and respect your follower’s annoyance threshold.

Make one of your Twitter followers happy! Tweet them to win a Moleskine Notebook! Good luck!

Sale/Unsealed Moleskines & Nick Bantock books

UPDATE (05/30, 18:00). All Moleskine notebooks sold out. To make sure you get “sale” updates as soon as they are posted, subscribe to the Blog feed or our Social Media accounts:

Facebook Page:
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We will have a fresh batch on “sale” soon. Just sorting out the newly arrived stocks so I am certain I will find more “rejects”.


Here are some Moleskine Notebooks that won’t be posted for selling as sealed/new on the website due to some minor issues. These are unused and originally overstocks. However, due to transit some edges might have bumps & very minor scratches (I will indicate if there’s anything major). These are probably reject as gifts. If you intend to use it immediately then they make great buys because of the bargain prices. Again, DEFINITELY NOT IN BRAND NEW CONDITION. NO REFUNDS. We also do not sell nor will attempt to misrepresent actual condition. These are also inspected for major flaws.

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook –  Hardbound. Unsealed, looks new, almost no scratches, wrap-around included. (P400.00 Code: PU001)

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook – Hardbound. SEALED but with a light visible top right bump/scratch, nothing serious, wrap-around included. (P380.00 Code: PS002)

Moleskine Limited Edition for Borders, Pocket Brick – Hardbound. originally 1 x Ruled Pocket & 2 x Single Cahiers. MISSING THE CAHIERS. Only the 1 x Ruled Pocket Notebook is included. Looks real good, no major scratches, no bumps. Unsealed. (P400.00 Code: PB003)

Moleskine Cahiers Set of 3 Ruled Journals – looks new, unsealed, very clean and includes sticker and wrap-around. (P280.00 Code: PCR001)

Moleskine City Notebook – NEW YORK – Hardbound.  Unsealed, carefully inspected and LOOKS complete, some minor bumps. Wrap-around included. (P250.00 Code: NY)

Moleskine City Notebook – SAN FRANCISCO – Hardbound. Unsealed, carefully inspected and LOOKS complete, some minor bumps. Wrap-around included. (P250.00 Code: SF)

Moleskine City Notebook – WASHINGTON – Hardbound. Unsealed and missing the labeling stickers, tracking paper intact, the rest carefully inspected and LOOKS complete. Some minor bumps. Wrap-around included. (P150.00 Code: WAS)

We have SEALED City Notebooks for Washington, New York, San Francisco and Boston ONLY. Please e-mail to inquire.

Moleskine Plain Notebook LARGE – Hardbound Classic (not reporter type). Partially sealed, obvious top right corner bump. (P500.00 Code: LP001)

Moleskine Ruled Notebook LARGE – Hardbound. Sealed but some light creasing on back cover probably due to storage/transit. Or Notebook was slightly pressured sideway. Still nothing major if you intend to use it asap. No damage, break point, serious bends. (P500.00 Code: LR001)

Moleskine Sketchbook LARGE – Hardbound. Unsealed and may have some light dusting on covers due to storage (nothing that can be wiped carefully). Very minor bumps. (P500.00 Code: LSK001)

If the Moleskine types you are looking for (watercolour, planners, My Pilipinas) are not listed here/website it means we do not have them.

Some Nick Bantock books:

Griffin & Sabine (Hardbound) – MISSING ALL INSERTS. Still, you can cut-out the art works for display. – (P100.00 Code: GS001)

The Golden Mean (Hardbound) – missing dustjacket only, all inserts COMPLETE. – (P200.00 Code: GM001)

To order, send e-mail to support(at) indicating the CODE provided after each item description. We suggest copying the title along with the code.

All items listed are strongly suggested for SHIPPING only. Once you order you must settle payment asap.

Thank you very much!