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Download The Eight by Katherine Neville – for free! (Limited)

From Katherine Neville’s website:

“The Ballantine Publishing Group is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Katherine Neville’s international bestseller THE EIGHT. From August 8th thru August 18th you can download a FREE PDF version of THE EIGHT…”

View the link for download:

I strongly recommend this book especially if you like Dan Brown and Umberto Eco thrillers.  You won’t be disappointed.

Download it from the link above, or you may decide to purchase your own copy.

Thanks to user empirialist of Shelfari for the link.

Neil Gaiman’s: The Graveyard Book (Advance Copy) Signed! For auction!

The Graveyard Book ARC

Hi there,

For those who really can’t wait! Auctions presents- a very
special auction for a SIGNED copy of Neil Gaiman’s upcoming book- The
Graveyard Book. This is an ARC. The book is scheduled for release on
September 30, 2008.

Auction starts at PhP10.00 – no reserve.

Start Date: at 12:30pm, 13 August 2008
End Date: at 12:30pm, 21 August 2008

Read this book ahead of everybody else. Half of the final bid price will be
for a good cause (scholarship program). Check it here:
Probably the only copy that’s actually available for sale in the
Philippines! Happy Bidding!